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A Diversity of Trails

All horseman’s trail are clearly marked with diamond-shaped markers indicating the appropriate letter (A, B, C, etc.) or number (1, 2, 3, etc.). All markers are located along the right hand side f the trails as you are riding away from the beginning point of the trail. This marking system will enable a rider to determine the direction which he is riding on a trail. A rider riding away from the beginning point of a trail will see the markers on his right and a rider riding towards the beginning point of a trail will see the markers on his left.

The following are brief descriptions of those trails that are authorized for horsemen use at Brown County State Park.

Trails A – J are wide and may be riding two abreast.

Trail A (6.5 mi)

The trail begins at Greenhorn Shelter ear the campground registration gatehouse. A leisurely five-mile ride over gently rolling terrain leads to Weed Patch Hill, site of the state park fire tower.A gentle return trip of two miles follows Skinner Creek back to the west end of the horsemen camp. You will notice an intersecting trail labeled “A-1”

Trail A-1 (1.5 mi)

This trail intersects the upper and lower loop of trail “A” to provide a shorter loop for those wishing to take a shorter ride.

Trail B (10.9 mi)

The trail begins at three different marked trailheads along the south side of the horseman’s camp. A four-mile ride over varying terrain. The trail continues in a counter-clockwise loop approximately six miles. This portion of the trail provides some of the most challenging hills and scenic views to be found on the house trail system at Brown County. trail elevation varies from a height of nearly 950 feet above sea level on Taylor Ridge to a low of approximately 604 feet along Little Blue Creek.

Trail C (4.4 mi)

This trail serves as continuation of the trail “B” loop. trail C begins at approximately mile 6 of trail “B”, just south of Taylor Ridge. It continues for a distance of nearly four miles westerly along Taylor Ridge and southerly through Bales Hollow and rejoins trail B at the intersection with Little Blue Creek. Trail “C” falls steadily from a high elevation of almost 1000 feet near it’s beginning to a low of approximately 625 feet at its end.

Trail D (7.4 mi)

Co-op. This trail is marked and opened to horsemen through the cooperative efforts of the Department of Natural Resources, united States Forest Service and the Indiana trail Riders Association. It is situated largely along Miller Ridge through the Hoosier National Forest. Trail D begins between mile one and two of trail C and serves as a six-mile further continuation of the Trail B to C loop for those who wish an experience in long distance riding. A continuation ride of the trail B to C to D loop from the horse camp back to the horse camp will cover nearly 20 miles and involve several bonus.

Trail E (2.8 mi)

This trail begins near mile two of trail B and continues for approximately two miles along a well-groomed ridge trail to the little town of Story. At trail end can be found a historic marker explaining the old Indian treaty line. At the Story General Store, you can order meals from a menu of assorted gourmet items. The general store hours vary, so check at the registration gatehouse before departing.

Trail F (1.8 mi)

This trail begins near mile one of trail A and ends two miles further at Firefly Enterprise located on State Road 135, just east of the entrance to the horseman’s camp. Firefly Enterprise has available canned goods, bread, milk, meats and some tack and general foods. Groceries and general supplies are also available for those wishing to drive to the state park general store located near the registration gatehouse for the family campgrounds.

Trail G (6.6 mi)

This trail is maintained through the joint efforts of the Department of Natural Resources and the Indiana Trail Riders Association. It follows the long established ten o’clock line trail beginning near mile one of trail C and ending approximately 12 miles west at Yellowwood Lake and Yellowwood State Forest. Those segments of trail G situated off of Brown County State Park are marked and maintained solely by the Indiana Trail Riders Association.

Trail H (1.4 mi)

This trail is maintained jointly by the Department of Natural Resources and the Indiana Trail Riders Association. It originated as an experiment to determine if additional trails could be opened and maintained by the DNR and ITRA without the use of bulldozers. Trail H begins on the southernmost Trail B trailhead leaving Horseman Campground and runs in a southwesterly direction across hills and ravines until it intersects with Trail E just south of Trail B.

Trail I (1.4 mi)

Opened in conjunction with trail H, trail I is also a “narrow” trail, running in a north-south direction from approximately the half-way point of trail H up to trail B.

Trail J (3.2 mi)

Beginning on the northeast side of the paved campground road just up from the modern restroom, trail J climbs to the top of a ridge where it splits in two directions. For a shorter ride, the right or south fork runs down the ridge to connect with trail A, near the Green Horn Shelter. The left or north fork leads up the ridge to join trail A, just south of Five Points.