Does my Florida homeowners insurance cover my bicycle?

Bicycling is a fun outdoor sport. In fact, cycling is a great way to get around. There are thousands of people who use a bicycle every single day. If you are one of them, it makes sense that you want to find out if your coverage is the best Florida homeowners insurance your bicycle.

So is my bicycle covered by my Fl homeowners insurance?

For the most part, your bicycle is covered. If you have a plain jane bicycle that you ride on trails or around the park, you will be covered. Remember personal property coverage is listed in your policy. That includes all of your personal belongings, which means your bicycle is included. However, if you own an expensive $3,000 dollar bike. You may need to double check your personal property limits. You may need to purchase an additional floater to completely cover your bicycle.

What is a bicycle covered for?

Every single homeowners insurance in Florida policy from someone like is different. You may come across a policy that only covers certain perils or one that covers them all. However, a base policy will be able to cover you against theft or fire and a few other perils.

What about my bicycle apparel?

Your cycling apparel is also a must-have if you are a cyclist.  Usually, it is considered to be personal property. Therefore it may be covered by the personal property section of your policy. However always ask an insurance agent if this is covered before assuming it is.

How is a claim paid for a bicycle?

Your Florida homeowners insurance will allow for you to file a claim for your bicycle. If your bike becomes damaged due to a covered risk in your policy you will need to know if your insurance will cover the replacement cost or actual cash value so you can know how much you will receive. If your policy includes replacement cost coverage, then you can receive the right amount of money to completely replace your bike. Below are the basic claim options that will determine how much you will receive during a claim:

  • Actual Cash Value: this cost will be depreciated at the time of the loss
  • Replacement Cost is the cost to replace the item, not including depreciation
  • Agreed Value is not as common. It is usually used if you have a special policy or add a rider to your policy

If you own a bicycle and store it at your home, your homeowners insurance in FL from will cover you. However, if you are a passionate cyclist and have all the bells and whistles consider purchasing more coverage. Better safe than sorry!